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About myself

My name is Merav Bondi, dynamic psychotherapist, MSW and instructor for therapists. I work in private clinic in the Netherlands and also online.


For almost two decade I treat and accompany teenagers, youngsters and adults. My guideline is to allow the person in front of me a non-judgmental and open space in which to process the content presented in meetings and do a thorough job that would lead to an increase in quality of life.

My method is psycho-dynamic with inter-subjective orientation and I believe that in the theray room (as well as the virtual room) sit two equal people with constructive dialogue which can create change.

Psychodynamic therapy can accommodate a wide range of issues and problems related to human ways of coping with the environment and with self. Also, this type of therapy can contribute effectively to anyone who wants to learn about himself and develop personal and emotional level.


My specialties are:

Anxiety, depression, trauma, life crises, social problems, loss, obsessions, mood changes, body image issues, relationships, difficulties in regulating anger and sexual identity.


Academic background:

BA in Behavioral Science and Criminology at the College of Management

BA in Social Work, Bar Ilan University

MA in Clinical Social Work, Bar Ilan University

Magid Institute of Psychotherapy Studies, The Hebrew University


I believe that there is always something to do to improve our feeling of everyday life, one just need to dare and start.

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